Writing 1

Blog post number 1– exciting isn’t it? I sure think so.

It’s also a little terrifying– calling out to the big internet and saying “read me!” as if my thoughts were worthy of that sort of attention! There dozens, if not hundreds of articles that you could be reading right now that are probably better constructed and more thoughtful than this one. So… thanks, for sticking with me this far.

This blog is for my writing. I’m aware, as I write this sentence, that it’s not terribly informative. After all, how could a blog that I write fail to be about my writing? Let’s try again.

What I mean, more precisely, is that the contents of this blog will reflect whatever the hell I feel like writing about. Maybe “what I feel like writing about” will converge on some particular topic on its own accord (it has in the past). But maybe it won’t. My point is that this is a place where there are no assignments, and no demands, and I am the god damn king.

People have a lot of neurosis about writing. I know that I do. For me, writing is an activity with massive expectations. I always want my writing to be insightful, original, brilliant, well crafted, cohesive, simple, clear, and so on, and so forth. And as a result, I spend most of my “writing” time staring at a a few paragraphs in a word document that I can’t seem to get right or figure out how to build upon. This has been a serious problem for me for the better part of my adult life. I don’t want it to be a problem on this blog.

Let me try a third time to say what this blog is for: this blog is a place where I write for fun. It’s not a place to be pretentious (except when it’s fun to be pretentious, and it often is). It’s not a place for serious discussion (except when serious discussion is fun, and it often is). It not a place for strong opinions (except when holding strong opinions is fun, and it often is). And finally, above all else, it’s not a place to try to change the word (except when changing the world is fun).

It may occasionally be a place for awful insinuations and double entendres.

If you are similar to me in this respect, I hope that I can entice you to stay, keep reading. Otherwise adeiu, and may you find happiness on whatever corner of the internet you find most entertaining.

Blog post number 1– the first of many.


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